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Friday, November 16, 2018

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  • Ekolife Ekolife OFW Marketing Cooperative: Now open for members and investors!

    About 80% OFW businesses fail due to insufficient capital, management issues, lack of product development and lack of market. They have funds for production but usually they do not have any more capital or skills for promoting and marketing their products.

    The hard earned money of OFWs, products of their years of hard work -blood, sweat and tears goes down the drain whenever their businesses fail. Likewise, communities of OFWs remain poor and with limited economic opportunities due to high cost of capital. The poor rural communities are at the mercy of traders and lenders who be-come richer while farmers remain supplier of cheap raw materials and become poorer.

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  • Ekolife Coop: Investments House of Ekolife Surigao del Sur

    It is a coffee shop and pasalubong center that provides tourism support services and promotes agro-tourism. The PPP Partnership engages the Municipal Government of San Agustin for the free use of land and construction of boardwalk in mangrove forest and the Provincial Government will support the construction of toilet facilities.

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  • Ekolife Coop: Investments Ekolife OFW Mart Cantilan, SDS and Aqua Culture

    Provides basic necessities for OFWs and families in the shop or through home delivery of weekly groceries and other items. It delivers flowers, cakes, party package and gifts for loved ones in the participating municipalities.

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  • Ekolife Coop: Investments House of Ekolife Ifugao

    Ekolife Ifugao is strategically situated in the town center overlooking the Banawe rice terraces and local community. It is a coffee shop and pasalubong center that provides tourism support services and packages agro-tourism destinations for OFWs. It operates the shared service facility provided by DTI.

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  • Ekolife Coop: Investments Agusan del Sur Ekolife Cacao Nursery and Processing Plant

    Cacao nursery and processing of chocolate-based pasalubong.

    The Provincial government provides the land for nursery, serve as market of the cacao nursery for their cacao plant propagation pro-gram and the shared service facility for cacao processing. The initial capital is Php 1.5 M.

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  • Ekolife Coop: Investments House of Ekolife Iloilo and Ekolife Farm

    It has a roast on site, roast on demand and bake on site, bake on demand facility. Aside from coffee shop, it also provides pasalubong and tourism support services. The coffee shop is mentored by Bote Central, owner of 18 days Coffee, a successful social enterprise engaged in the coffee value chain.

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  • Migration and Development Study Tour

    Ekolife Migration and Development Study Tour

    Learn from the first-hand experiences of the Philippine’s champions in Migration and Development initiative government and private institutions.

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  • Ekolife Ifugao launched

    Ekolife Ekolife Ifugao launched

    Ms. Anonuevo encouraged the 70 OFW and families to be part of the initiative by taking part as homestay operators, tour guides and jeepney service providers.

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  • Vivien Napenas, migrant leader

    Interview Vivien Napenas, migrant leader

    Vivien Napenas, migrant leader from UAE on the impact of the training on the migrants in UAE

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  • Marico Delica, migrant returnee

    Interview Marico Delica, migrant returnee

    Marico Delica, migrant returnee from Italy on investing in SIDC

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