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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Social Entrepreneurship

Individuals and Overseas Filipino organisations planning to set-up social enterprises are offered a training pro-gram for start-up social enterprises called Initial Venture into Entrepreneurship for Social Transformation (INVEST)

INVEST Training 001INVEST is an executive course that assists aspiring social entrepreneurs develop their social enterprise model, craft an initial social enterprise plan and prepare them for setting up and implementation. The participants of the course may either be individuals or teams. They are required to enroll not only themselves but their proposed social enterprise.

INVEST requires 33 sessions of hands on learning delivered over a period of one year: a 5-day face-to face classroom session; 24 webinar sessions and 4 face- to-face coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are customized per social enterprise enrolled.

This is a course for aspiring social entrepreneurs among returning OFWs, their families and support institutions who are in the process of incubating community-based enterprises that will help not only themselves but also the marginalized in their respective communities.

At the macro level, social entrepreneurship shall be introduced as a platform for public-private-people partnership towards sustainable local economic development where forced migration and poverty would have become history, consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals.

INVEST TrainingAt the micro level, social entrepreneurship shall be tackled as a process of seeking, screening and seizing opportunities to provide sustainable livelihoods and quality services to returning OFWs, their families and other marginalized sectors in local communities.

The training is to be a joint program of Institute for Social Entrepreneurship in Asia (ISEA) and Atikha. It will be lead by Dr. Lisa Dacanay, president of ISEA and a PhD in Organizational and Management Studies from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark and Estrella Dizon-Anonuevo, executive director of Atikha and a graduate of Masters in Social Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management.