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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Family and Income Management Training

Family and Income Management TrainingThis is an 8-hour-training on Understanding migration realities, Goal setting, Budgeting, Tracking expenses, Saving for investment and retirement, Borrowing and getting out of debt and Addressing family issues that drain the resources of the overseas Filipinos.

General Objectives :

  1. To sensitize the Overseas Filipinos and their families on the various economic and social issues of migration and the barriers to achieving migration goals;
  2. To be able to assist Overseas Filipinos and their families in financial planning and investment to ensure that migration will contribute to the long-term development of the OFs, their families and their communities; and
  3. To guide the Overseas Filipinos in identifying and addressing their issues and concerns to enable them to achieve their financial and family goals for migration.

This training teaches overseas Filipinos on concepts in saving and investing such as “ Save Before You Spend”, the difference between “ Needs and Wants”, “Pay Yourself First” , Diversifying Investments and others. This could be done for 4 sessions of 2 hours or 2 sessions for 4 hours or whole day session.