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The Family and Income Management Course tackles two challenges of OFWs and their families:

  1. Addressing family issues and maximizing opportunities of migration
  2. Proper management of income and remittances

Activity 1. Positive and Negative Impact of Migration

Goal: Understanding of family issues, challenges as well as opportunities brought by overseas work

Content Types: Basic concepts (VO Animation), Question and Answer; Pop Quiz

Content Types: Basic concepts (VO animation); Testimonies (video); How To Do Instructions (Voice Over and Animation); Question and Answer; Pop Quiz; Visioning   


  1. Identify the steps to attain financial freedom
  2. Understand the concepts of goal setting, saving and investing
  3. Learn the skills in goal setting, budgeting and tracking of expenses
  4. Differentiate between needs and wants
  5. Learn about financial instruments used for saving and investing
  6. Translate financial and family goals into a concrete savings and investment program to achieve migration goal