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Monday, March 27, 2023

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Implementation Mechanics

The PINOY WISE financial education, investment mobilization and trade and tourism promotion program  is adopted by the different stakeholders and participating organization to link migrant savings, investment and enterprises towards the development of the migrants, their families and communities.   It ensures that the investment of OFs impact rural development and that rural development benefits the OFs and their families as well.   In particular,  the Pinoy WISE program entails the following:

Empowers overseas Filipinos  and families to take better control of their finances and their future

  • Pinoy WISE financial education campaign in major countries of destination and province of origin of overseas Filipinos ;
  • Involves the migrants and families left behind. Financial planning and goal setting is done as a family venture;
  • Addresses not only financial issues but also family and other social issues that drain the resources of the overseas Filipinos;
  • Conducts training of trainers among overseas Filipino leaders in major country of destination to reach out to the migrants in their numbers;
  • Participants of the PINOY WISE financial education course are organized into PINOY WISE International and are continuously mentored and updated of various investment and business opportunities in the Philippines and particularly in their provinces.

Building Partnerships with Government and Private Sector to Create an Enabling Environment in Mobilizing Migrant Resources towards Development

  • Conducts training of trainers in province of origin of the migrants for staff of local government units, NGOs, cooperatives, rural banks and other stakeholders working with Overseas Filipinos (OFs) and their families.  The trainers in the Philippines are tasked to reach out to their Overseas Filipinos (OF) constituents and the families left behind;
  • Migration and Development Councils (MnD Councils) are formed in province of origin to help create the favorable environment for OF investment in agriculture development. They identify and assist in the development of agri-ventures that are critical to the development of the province.  Opportunities for micro-enterprises for individual OF entrepreneurs are also identified by the MnD Councils;
  • Links with remittance companies to lower the cost of remittance;

Promotes Investment, Trade and Tourism of sending provinces

  • Pinoy WISE Overseas Filipinos Market Place Event  abroad and in the provinces are conducted to make the OFs and their families aware of the investments, trade and tourism opportunities in their province;